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Outsourcing bookkeeping and management accounting is one of the most efficient ways that a company can concentrate on its keys tasks and core competencies. Since SRJ Accounting Services Ltd was established in 1966, it has taken on the accounting and financial management functions for a large number of clients in many different sectors.

Our bespoke service offers your business the management information it needs on a timely basis.

How we work depends on your requirements- accounts can be prepared at your premises using your existing software packages or the function can be performed on our state-of-the-art accounts and reporting software.

How much of the accounting function we take on depends entirely on your individual requirements. For instance, our services range from preparing regular accounts through to sending out cheques to suppliers. We employ only experiences staff to prepare your accounts. We do more than just prepare the figures. Each report comes with our analysis that comments on unusual items or details areas that we believe may require further attention.

SRJ Accounting Services charges a fixed monthly fee or a variable fee according to your needs. By outsourcing management accounting to SRJ Accounting Services, you can be assured of accounting and financial management information delivered on time, every time.


Latest News

  • Reminder to look out for tax credit renewal packs

    06/05/2021 - More...

    HMRC has begun sending the annual tax credit renewal packs to some 2.5 million tax credit claimants and is encouraging recipients to renew their tax credits claim online. The packs

  • Mobile phone exempt costs

    06/05/2021 - More...

    When an employee incurs costs for the provision of mobile phones to employees it is important to understand the correct tax treatment of these expenses. This includes costs for

  • COVID support grants that are taxable

    06/05/2021 - More...

    We would like to remind readers that existing legislation is in place to ensure that COVID support grants are treated as taxable income in the same way as other taxable receipts.


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